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About the Coalition

In late 2021, we conducted research to help guide our Community Investment Committee as they identified funding needs for our 2022-2025 funding cycle. Among employers, employees, and the many people served by our network, transportation was identified as a barrier to all three of United Way’s focus areas – education, health, and income stability. Seeing an opportunity to address a major need in Southeast Missouri, United Way leaders sought out community leaders and organizations to form a Transportation Coalition.

The Transportation Coalition is focusing first on needs in Cape Girardeau County where the Cape Girardeau Transit Authority (CTA) currently provides public transportation. Later, successful solutions will be explored for viability with leaders in other counties in the United Way service area.

If you wish to join the coalition and serve those who depend on public transportation or if you have experience in this industry, please contact our Executive Director, Elizabeth Shelton.

Our Plan

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Research Needs

Though transportation was identified as a barrier to success in our community, we still have much to learn about how our community uses transportation, what causes transportation to be a challenge, and how our Coalition can work collectively to make improvements. Planned research includes community conversations, quantitative and qualitative surveys, and feasibility studies.

Explore Solutions

As we gather thoughts and data from our community, the Coalition will explore various solutions to the challenges surrounding transportation. Partnering with many organizations gives us the unique opportunity to share information and ideas from across the region. The global United Way Worldwide network provides access to successful solutions found in other communities.

Implement Change

We are dedicated to creating real and lasting change that leads to positive outcomes here in Southeast Missouri. This will not be a process with quick solutions. Even after ideas are identified, funding must be found to bring them to fruition. This kind of change happens over time and only with the support of our community. 

Coalition Members

Elizabeth Shelton

United Way of Southeast Missouri

Mark Stone

United Way of Southeast Missouri

Mandi Combs

United Way of Southeast Missouri Board of Directors, Bank of Missouri

Denise Wimp

First Call For Help

Calvin Garner

Community Partnership of Southeast Missouri/CTA Board member

Stacy Kinder

Mayor, City of Cape Girardeau

Trevar Pulley

Assisstant City Manager, City of Cape Girardeau

Jake Garrard

Civil Engineer, City of Cape Girardeau

Alex McElroy

Southeast Metropolitan Planning Organization/City of Cape Girardeau

Marla Mills

Southeast Metropolitan Planning Organization (SEMPO), KLG Engineering

Tracy Morrow

Community Partnership of Southeast Missouri

Lexi Spurgeon

Community Partnership of Southeast Missouri

Kelley Watson

Cape Girardeau County Transit Authority (CTA)

Susan Redford

Cape Girardeau County Transit Authority (CTA)

Tom Mogelnicki

Cape Girardeau County Transit Authority (CTA)

Scott Ringwald

CTA Board of Directors

Ginny Smith

Southeast Missouri Transportation Service (SMTS)

Judy Cantoni

Community Foundation of the Ozarks

Nicole Hahn

East Missouri Action Agency

Chris Massey

East Missouri Action Agency

Jessica Hill

Safe House of Southeast Missouri

Emily McDonald

Regional Family Crisis Center

Nancy Gade

Aging Matters

Marsha Stubbs

Aging Matters

Laura Miller

Missouri Department of Social Services

Kevin Gruenwald

Juvenile Office, State of Missouri 32nd Judicial District

Kathryn West

Cape Girardeau Adult Education & Literacy

Janet Hitt

Jackson Senior Center

Beth Salyer

Cape Girardeau Area Chamber of Commerce

Kelsie Turner

Cape Girardeau Area Chamber of Commerce

Jennifer Zoellner

Rehabilitation Services for the Blind, State of Missouri

Ciera Schlie

United Way of Southeast Missouri